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At Avoin.Systems we are committed to creating an open, diverse and welcoming work environment where every employee can thrive both professionally and personally.

We foster a culture where every individual feels equal, valued and supported. We believe that the best outcomes emerge through collaboration and encourage our employees to showcase their expertise and contribute to our company’s development.

Avoin.Systems’ employer promise

Open positions

Here’s our currently open positions. By the way – feel free to submit an open application, even if a suitable job opening hasn’t been posted right now!

We have open positions for backend developers who are familiar with Odoo and Python.

In this role you will join a team of 4-6 people, who help our customers elevate their business to new level with integrated ERP and eCommerce systems!

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Interested to join us? Describe your competence and what kind of position you have in mind.

Send your application, CV and expected salary to: avoin.hakemus@avoin.systems

Please note that we only recruit applicants who live physically in EU.

Our values


All our solutions are designed to be easy and efficient to use for humans. We want to maintain a great collaboration environment, where humans prosper.


All our solutions are based on open source, and our operations on its philosophy. We always spread the benefits of open source directly to our customers, and we contribute to the co-creation of the open source modules and projects.


We are proud of all the solutions we design and publish. All our solutions and the codebase match their purpose and are as future-proof as possible.

At Avoin.Systems, the quality of development work is our top priority. The world is full of code houses that emphasize quick coding, but with us, you have the opportunity to learn and produce high-quality and maintainable code as part of a highly experienced team.

Working at Avoin.Systems

You might be wondering what benefits will you have when working at Avoin.Systems – so we made a list!

  • Club activities

We have our own employee clubs, for example sailing, cross-fit, and after work!

  • Snacks and beverages

We offer snacks and beverages at the office to keep you fueled during the work day.

  • Flexible working hours

There’s flexibility to choose the best working time for your own preference.

  • 1 h paid exercise / week

We offer weekly 1 hour paid workout.

  • Office in central location

Our office is located at Vallila, 10 minutes from Pasila station and easily accessible with public transport.

  • Options for hybrid and remote work

You can work from home, summer cottage or do flexible hybrid-work.

  • Avoin.People

You have great bunch of supportive colleagues.

  • Teams’ own recreation budget

Each team has a budget to organize team events.

  • Events

We organize company-wide events and there’s possibility to take part in other work related events.

  • Breakfast

We offer breakfast at the office once a month, which is a great chance to meet your colleagues face to face!

  • Free gym

There’s a well equipped gym in your use for free.

  • Healthcare with Heltti

Our occupational healthcare is provided by Heltti.

Who will be your future colleagues?

Nice of you to ask! We have an amazing bunch of wonderful and diverse people. And the best part is, you can get to know all of us on our team page.

What is our culture made of?

It’s all about the people

At Avoin.Systems, we’ve got this great team spirit going on. Every employee is a valued member of the crew. People play a crucial role in crafting top-notch digital solutions, and we’re all about fostering a healthy and ever-evolving work community. It’s what makes our workplace awesome.

We are upright and honest with customers

We’re in constant collaboration with our clients, aiming to discover the very best solutions that work for them. It’s about standing by the products we create and avoiding unnecessary customization – and sometimes that means we lose some cases.


We take responsibility for our environment and are pioneers in environmental matters. We measure and minimize the actual environmental impacts caused by our operations and services.

– Avoin.Systems’ environmental promise

Laid-back atmosphere where’s always room for some humor

As Santeri said in our culture video, we are team of people who seem to share the same sence of humor. There can never be too many bad jokes, right?

What’s Forrest Gump’s email password?
– 1forrest1

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  • Open and welcoming atmosphere from the beginning
    Open and welcoming atmosphere from the beginning
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And what about the actual work stuff? Read more about what we do as a company and how we work with our clients.


  • Founded in 2010
  • Around 40 employees (2024)
  • Office in Vallila, Helsinki
  • 35+ implemented ERP projects across various industries
  • 100+ web service projects
  • Over decade of expertise in implementing integrated Odoo and WooCommerce solutions
  • Odoo Silver Partner and the oldest Odoo development house in Finland (since 2013)

Read more about us as a company

At Avoin.Systems, we develop top-notch open-source ERP and web services with a human touch.

Our systems are built on the world’s most popular and user-friendly open-source technologies – Odoo and WordPress. Open source allows us to cost-effectively create comprehensive solutions that cover the entire business for our clients.

We are the oldest Odoo development house in Finland and an official Odoo Partner. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in implementing integrated Odoo and WordPress solutions.

We work closely with our clients, always striving to find the best possible solution from the customer’s perspective.

Our human-centered approach enhances businesses’ productivity in a sustainable way. In addition, we streamline the most critical areas of our clients’ business through our tested Avoin.Go delivery model.

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Check out our references

With our products our customers can build, optimize, and scale their business across all digital and physical channels.

Avoin.App is like a miniature ERP, encompassing all essential ERP functions but as user-friendly as the apps on your phone.

Avoin.ERP Ready
Avoin.ERP Ready is a comprehensive solution that provides you with an ERP designed for inventory and material flow management, along with extensive services.

Avoin.Total is a comprehensive system for managing e-commerce and its background processes.

Customized solutions & integrations
In addition to our ready products we offer tailor-made solutions to our customers who need more complex systems to streamline and scale their business.