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Purchase on time

Experience a highly automated purchasing process through purchase recommendations linked to inventory levels or other reordering rules. Effortless optimization – avoid stockouts with procurement tools that are integrated into inventory management.

Sell easily

With versatile CRM and sales tools, you can track your sales and the effectiveness of your actions, starting from marketing campaigns. Customers, products, offers, invoicing and reporting – all in one system.

Optimize inventory

Streamline your warehouse management with a modern inventory system. With real-time visibility you’re always up to date on incoming shipments, internal stock transfers and outgoing deliveries.


“The implementation of Avoin.App went smoothly and quickly. It saves us 10-15 working hours per week, I highly recommend it!”

Uki Heng, Managing Director

Versatile functionalities


RFQ’s and purchase orders
Automated reordering rules
Supplier communication
Supplier prices management
Purchase reporting

Customer relationship management

Customer data management
Customer classifications
Customer-specific price lists
Customer communication


Pipeline management
Sales activities
Quotations and sales orders
Sales reporting
Email integration

Inventory management

Centralised product data management
Automated inventory accounting
Real-time data of stock balances and inventory value
Full traceability of products



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Project Management
Human Resources Management
Time tracking
E-commerce, etc.

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