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CRM system your salespeople actually want to use

Take control of your company’s customer relationship and sales processes

Sales plays a key role in the way companies operate and is supported by a customer relationship management tool aka. CRM system.

CRM allows you to manage all your company’s interactions with current and potential customers. CRM helps you to manage new leads, streamline your customer relationship management processes and also improve your company’s profitability.

Odoo CRM is the true customer-centric tool for all your sales needs

With a customer-centric CRM, your sales team is always up to date with every lead

CRM primarily refers to a tool designed for acquiring new customers, systematically consolidating various sales opportunities under one roof and in a structured format. Tracking sales meetings and both internal and external communication takes place directly within the CRM system.

CRM provides a tool to ensure that your sales team stays up-to-date on every lead, and tracking the sales pipeline becomes easy and efficient.

At the core of the sales process is transforming sales activities, which require a lot of skill and expertise, into a format where the efforts, results, and processes are clearly and easily visible. Using CRM enables making reliable forecasts about the company’s future and improving operations in a structured manner.

These signs indicate that your company would benefit from a modern CRM system

  • Sales and customer management are scattered across multiple systems
  • Sales and/or customer management are handled in Excel spreadsheets
  • Salespeople lack unified processes
  • Poor visibility into sales activities
  • Information flows between different departments are blocked
  • Inquiries get lost in email threads
  • Sales forecasting is difficult, and reactions are lagging behind

Improve the efficiency of your company’s sales and customer management.

Make sure your company’s sales activities are not wasted

With Odoo CRM you can manage your sales and customer relationship management in one easy-to-use system.

  • Centralised data management
    Product registry, customer information, leads, quotes, and invoicing – all found in one system.
  • Stay up-to-date with customer preferences
    All customer communication happens directly within one system, keeping conversations archived.
  • Accelerate the quotation process
    With easy-to-use templates, swiftly deliver impressive materials to clients and easily customize quotes based on their requests.
  • Up-to-date product registry
    Automatically access accurate product and customer information for quotations while ensuring inventory availability.
  • Real-time information
    Access comprehensive and real-time sales reports to drive your company’s sales forward.
  • Seamless information flow
    Visibility into all sales activities – schedule tasks, set reminders, and communicate internally directly from the CRM system.

CRM provides tools for sales management and forecasting

With a CRM system, you can easily track acquired leads, sales calls, meetings and create reminders for follow-up actions. Modern CRM provides visual information on follow-up actions, most promising opportunities, and expected revenue.

With activities and reminders, you can execute a complex sales process directly without extra effort. Sales work is simplified through a clear and intuitive interface.

Direct communication with the customer from the CRM system eliminates the need for redundant data entry, ensuring information is always up to date. Every salesperson can easily see what has been agreed upon with a specific customer.

CRM provides salespeople with a new level of visibility across the entire organization. Customer history, sales statistics, products, and inventory status can be directly utilized as tools for sales managers as all functions are interconnected within the same system. No more calls to colleagues to check inventory availability or previous actions!

Read about our customers’ experiences

Kaksi ihmistä tervehtimässä

Setera Communications

“The cooperation with Avoin.Systems has been very good, they have been very interested in our business and offered solutions on how we could develop it with Odoo ERP.”

Marko Lahnala, ERP Manager

Pelago asiakastarina

Pelago Bicycles

“With Avoin.Systems we have found a common thread from the beginning. It seems that exactly what you want from such business critical system supplier is that communication is fast and clear.”

Jari Säntti, Sales Director


“In the website redesign, what was important to us was timing, clear roles, good communication and the courage to speak genuinely and fairly. The bottom line: it went really well from start to finish!”

Kirsi Suominen, Communications Specialist

What should you consider when buying a CRM system?

Changing systems is a big decision and there are many options. To save you time in comparing the options, we recommend booking a 30-minute meeting with one of our experts.

Built on Odoo’s open-source technology

Odoo is an open-source ERP system, particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Odoo is flexible, cost-effective, and extremely user-friendly.

Despite its versatility, the system is very logical and easy to use because the logic of the modules is consistent throughout the entire system, and different functions seamlessly interact with each other.

Simplified description of the CRM process

Often, the CRM process begins with a customer reaching out, such as through a contact form on the website or an email. These interactions can be seamlessly integrated into the Odoo CRM system, automatically converting form submissions or sales-related emails into leads.

When a lead arrives in the CRM system, it’s crucial to handle them systematically. The first step upon lead arrival is for Odoo to automatically assign a salesperson to the lead. This initial assignee could be, for instance, a sales manager who then delegates new leads among the sales team. With assigned responsibilities, it’s clear who is accountable for the leads, ensuring they swiftly progress through the sales pipeline. The assigned person takes charge of the lead, adding tags, basic information, expected revenue, and if desired, priority to the customer profile.

Whether the first step in the process is an email, a call, or a meeting, it can be scheduled as a task for the salesperson, as well as other stages in the process. Each scheduled task is recorded in Odoo, ensuring sales management is informed about the team’s activities and no opportunities are left hanging.

Through the Kanban view, both sales representatives and managers can monitor the entire sales pipeline status, and with a well-defined sales process, significant improvements in sales efficiency can be achieved.Simplified description of the CRM process

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