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An ERP system is the main information system that manages and controls your company’s resources, processes and information flows – bringing together all the key functions of your business in a single system.

With a modernERP system, you manage your business operations using real-time data, enhance efficiency through automation, and achieve comprehensive visibility into all essential business activities.

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ERP is the most essential information system for your company

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the central information system of your company, linking important functions such as sales, finance, warehouse and production. ERP system is used to manage and control resources, processes and information flows.

The most common functions of an ERP system are

  • Maintaining basic data
  • Management of transactional data
  • Information exchange within the organization
  • Planning activities and maintaining plans
  • Collection and maintenance of performance data
  • Produzing documents and records
  • Statistics and reporting

ERP brings together all the key functions of an enterprise in a single system.

The most typical modules of an ERP system include.



Financial management


Inventory management

Production control

Supplier management

Procurement management

Project management

Personnel management

When should a company buy an ERP system?

The need for an ERP system most often arises when a company has completed a growth spurt. This is when sales volumes increase and more staff are hired. Initially, old processes and business models can still adapt to the new situation, but without a proper ERP system, companies face many problems.

However, it is worth being careful when purchasing a system and ensuring that it keeps up with business requirements. Modern ERP is primarily suited to developing and growing companies that have the will to keep up.

A modern ERP system will support a business as it grows by enabling it to manage the business with real-time information, streamline operations through automation and expandability, and introduce new features as required.

Even a one-person business can benefit from an ERP, but it’s most effective when multiple people need to stay updated on tasks and plans. The larger the organization, the greater the benefits of an ERP system.

These factors indicate, that your company would benefit from an ERP system

  • Different functionalities are scattered across several different systems
  • Business is run on Excel spreadsheets
  • Manual tasks and moving data from one location to another are time-consuming
  • Employees don’t have consistent processes
  • Poor visibility of different activities across the company
  • No reliable reports on activities
  • Information flows between departments, emails and phone calls get lost in the shuffle
  • Activities cannot be anticipated, and responses are made in hindsight

Sound familiar? You know it’s time to take corrective action.

Modern ERP system enables future growth

With Avoin.ERP, you can eliminate existing bottlenecks, make operations transparent and trackable, and enable business scalability.

  • Centralised data management
    You can track your company’s sales, inventory status or customer service tickets in real-time from a single system.
  • Defined processes
    The formality brought by the ERP system speeds up processese, reduces errors, and enhances transparency across all functions.
  • Automation of operations
    Save hours of work per week by automating routine tasks, freeing up time for your employees to do truly productive work.
  • Seamless monitoring and information flow
    With all information recorded in a single system, it’s always up-to-date and accessible to everyone.
  • Real-time reports and business predictability
    High-quality, real-time data allows you to effectively analyse and improve your business.
  • Scalability
    An ERP system enables your company’s growth not to go to waste with increased workload, but rather, achieving better results with less effort.

Read about our customers’ experiences

Kaksi ihmistä tervehtimässä

Setera Communications

“The cooperation with Avoin.Systems has been very good, they have been very interested in our business and offered solutions how we could develop it with Odoo ERP.”

Marko Lahnala, ERP Manager

Pelago asiakastarina

Pelago Bicycles

“The Odoo ERP system has lot’s of functionalities and I find myself constantly using it for decision making. Getting to this size would not have been possible without such a system.”

Jari Säntti, Sales Director

Pure Waste Textiles

“We have been very happy with our cooperation with Avoin.Systems. The most valuable benefit as a customer was the company that was able to implement both an e-commerce and ERP system for us.”

Hannes Bengs, Pure Waste

What should you consider when purchasing an ERP system?

Changing ERP is a big decision and there are many options. To save you time when comparing options, we recommend booking a meeting with us to find out what kind of ERP solution is right for your business.

Built on Odoo’s open-source technology

Odoo is an open-source ERP system, particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Odoo is flexible, cost-effective, and extremely user-friendly.

Despite its versatility, the system is very logical and easy to use because the logic of the modules is consistent throughout the entire system, and different functions seamlessly interact with each other.

A modern ERP system is the best option for SMEs

Modern ERP systems consist of business applications, or modules, developed for individual areas. These modules have a consistent logic throughout the system and they integrate seamlessly with each other.

The individual modules allow a modern ERP system to easily incorporate a wider range of functions, such as e-commerce or CRM, in addition to the traditional ERP functions (e.g. sales and purchasing, warehouse), thus allowing a modern ERP system to manage the entire business.

The main role of an ERP system is to help manage the business processes of a company. As a modern ERP system is made up of modules that integrate with each other, all information is recorded in a single system, so it is always up-to-date and accessible to everyone. A key benefit of modern ERP systems for companies is that this information can be widely exploited. A modern ERP system supports this and provides rich and visual reporting capabilities.

Timely, transparent, and relevant information leads to making reliable conclusions and enhancing the company’s business based on it. An ERP system helps streamline company operations by automating manual processes and transferring data between different functions or systems. Automation yields direct financial benefits to the company by optimizing operations and reducing errors.

Modern technology supports your business growth objectives

Modern ERP systems are cloud-based, meaning they can be accessed anytime, anywhere and are also mobile friendly. This means that the system can be used in the office, at home, at the customer’s site or even on a train journey as required. Modern technology also helps to ensure that the ERP system is always as future-proof as possible.

When purchasing an ERP system, it’s important to think ahead about the future and how the ERP system can support the company’s changing needs or respond to the changing world around it. The rapid pace of development challenges ERP systems, requiring modern ERPs to continuously evolve and stay abreast of advancements.

The benefits of a modern ERP system

  • Automation of operations
  • Standardized processes and reduction of errors
  • Centralization of all information
  • Transparency and traceability
  • Real-time reports
  • Predictability
  • Business scalability

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