Top-notch open-source ERP and web services with a human touch.

Passionate about open source

At Avoin.Systems, we create top-notch open source ERP and web services with a focus on people.

We set up a streamlined process for our clients, handling everything from sales and customer relations to eCommerce, inventory management, and customer support. Our aim is to boost customer satisfaction and improve employee workflow by optimizing this entire system.

Human-centric approach

Our approach, centered on people, boosts business productivity sustainably while also enhancing our clients’ main business goals through our Avoin.Go delivery model.

Hymyilevät kasvot

Industry-specific solutions

Our industry-specific products cater particularly to wholesalers, service businesses, as well as companies in the food and textile industries. What’s more, we streamline communication for businesses by incorporating emails, instant messaging, and calls into the system.

It’s all about people

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about software and business development. We work closely with our clients, always aiming to find the best possible solution from the client’s perspective.

Aiming to flourish and grow – in a sustainable way

Responsibility has been a natural part of our operations throughout the existence of our company. Today, every company is to some extent a digital company, so the significance of the field has grown enormously also in terms of societal impact.

Through our activities, we address broader sustainability issues on a global scale. We measure and minimize the actual environmental impacts caused by our operations and services.

Did you know that our ERP and e-commerce services are Key Flag certified?

The Key Flag is a symbol of Finnish work. Choose us as your ERP and e-commerce partner and foster Finnish competitiveness and well-being!

High-quality open source technologies

Our solutions are based on the world’s most popular and user-friendly open-source technologies. Open source code allows us to cost-effectively build comprehensive solutions covering the entire business for our customers.

We are the oldest Odoo development house in Finland and an official Odoo Partner. Additionally, we seamlessly integrate WooCommerce online stores into ERP systems.

We also streamline cash flow management and overall reporting by providing compatibility with the most used accounting systems in the Nordics.

Our goal is to be the best possible partner for our customers, ensuring them a reliable and high-quality product.

Make sure you have a knowledgeable partner for implementing your company’s critical systems

Whether you are the main user of a WooCommerce store, a sales manager utilizing Odoo, a warehouse worker, or an accountant handling financial data through system integrations, our systems function seamlessly for you and your end customers.

  • Choose a scalable solution
    We consolidate your company’s operations into one system, making data real-time and transparent, enabling data-driven decision-making. Together, we develop systematic processes to help you achieve your business goals more quickly.
  • Invest in superior customer and workday experiences
    Both internal and external systems should enhance the daily lives of their users and delight them with their user experience. We create a first-class digital experience for your customers and employees, from sales to invoicing, from eCommerce to inventory management and customer service.
  • Integrate with your financial management
    We develop products tailored to the needs of Nordic companies, based on the world’s most popular open-source technologies. The comprehensive solution seamlessly integrates with your company’s financial management.

Our values


All our solutions are designed to be easy and efficient to use for humans. We want to maintain a great collaboration environment, where humans prosper.


All our solutions are based on open source, and our operations on its philosophy. We always spread the benefits of open source directly to our customers, and we contribute to the co-creation of the open source modules and projects.


We are proud of all the solutions we design and publish. All our solutions and the codebase match their purpose and are as future-proof as possible.