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A strong foundation for your online business

E-commerce platform that grows with you

Enhance your business with an online store, enabling sales from anywhere, at any time.

Investing in B2B e-commerce can significantly boost efficiency and streamline the sales process, especially for businesses dealing with complex solutions and longer sales cycles.

Expanding internationally with an online store entails various sales, marketing, e-commerce, and logistics challenges. It’s crucial to select an e-commerce partner that offers comprehensive support rather than just superficial assistance.

At the start of each e-commerce project, we prioritize your business goals. Whether you’re focused on streamlining processes or boosting sales, we’ll develop and execute a customized solution tailored to meet your objectives.

WooCommerce seamlessly integrates with your ERP system

When e-commerce succeeds, it becomes a highly scalable sales channel. ERP system is essential in facilitating the growth and expansion of your e-commerce business into new markets.

Utilizing our Avoin.Total comprehensive solution, we can seamlessly integrate your WooCommerce e-commerce platform into a full-fledged ERP system. The integration manages all operational aspects of your business, spanning from sales to financial management.

Real-time integration ensures the smooth transfer of product, order, and delivery data between ERP system and e-commerce platform. This allows for a smooth and automated integration of e-commerce and ERP features, reducing the need for manual intervention

These signs indicate that your business would benefit from integrating e-commerce with ERP system

  • Data gets duplicated across multiple systems.
  • You manage inventory using Excel spreadsheets.
  • Your online shop doesn’t show real-time stock balances.
  • You are handling tasks manually which take up a lot of time.
  • The flow of information between different departments is slow.

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Our e-commerce solutions always take the following into account

  • High quality technical implementation
    We seamlessly integrate your online store with your business backend systems.
  • Scalability
    When building an online store, we aim to ensure that its future growth is possible.
  • Security
    We create a trustworthy online store with careful consideration of security issues and legislation.
  • Responsibility
    Our online shops work just as smoothly on your computer, tablet or phone screen.
  • Analytics tracking
    You know where your customers are coming from and which marketing activities are driving sales.
  • Search engine visibility
    Stay ahead of the competition and don’t get left behind in Google search results.

Read about our customers’ experiences


We were responsible for the implementation of Talhu’s B2B online store. The e-commerce project was initiated by Talhu’s corporate strategy work, which identified the need to invest in digital channels.


After the ERP project, the collaboration with Costo continued with a customised WooCommerce e-commerce project. The aim was to create an online store that was integrated with the ERP system, with a stunning design and easy to develop in the future.


“With Avoin.Systems we have found a common thread from the very beginning. It seems that what you want from a supplier of such an important system is fast and clear communication.”

What should you consider when buying an e-commerce solution?

Buying an online store is a big decision and there are many options. To save you time when comparing options, we recommend booking a 30-minute survey to find out which ecommerce solution is right for your business.

The solution is powered by the open source WooCommerce e-commerce platform

WooCommerce is a flexible, open source ecommerce solution that is suitable for a wide range of online stores, regardless of their industry.

WooCommerce is the world’s most popular e-commerce platform and has been the most popular platform for e-commerce in Finland for several years.

Launching your eCommerce

With over 10 years of experience, we have developed a standardized implementation model called Avoin.Go.

Avoin.Go implementation

  • We’ll generate a thorough overview of the project’s scope and essence. We’ll define all business requirements and delineate the implementation boundaries.
  • All technical features, integrated services, and interface design will be mapped out.
  • We’re kickstarting the implementation of the carefully crafted user interface and cutting-edge technical components, ensuring seamless integration with external systems right from the start.
Acceptance, training & launch
  • The content will be imported into the online store, customer training will be conducted, and the online store will be tested.
  • Final approval and the publication of the webstore will follow.
Continuous services
  • We provide top-notch maintenance and customer service tailored specifically for eCommerce solutions.

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