Our office is located on the 3rd floor of the GE building in Vallila, Helsinki.

Our address:

Avoin.Systems / Web-veistämö Oy
Kuortaneenkatu 2
00510 Helsinki

How may we help you?

    Don’t hesitate to contact us

    Sales & new projects

    Joni Winsten
    +358 45 639 6369

    Customer service

    If you have a support contract with Avoin.Systems, you may leave a ticket here.

    Read more about customer service


    EDI/OVT number

    E-invoice operator
    (if bank as an operator: DABAFIHH)

    Arrival instructions

    Our office is located at the corner of streets Kuortaneenkatu and Elimäenkatu.

    From outside you will see the white facade of the GE building. Step in from the main entrance that has a GE sign above the door.

    When arriving to the lobby you need to register at the info desk where you will receive a visitor passport which is needed when visiting the building. If the info desk employees are absent call us and we will pick you up from the lobby.