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Inventory management your employees will learn to love

Streamline and automate your warehouse operations

Streamline your warehouse with a modern inventory management solution that seamlessly integrates with your company’s accounting system. With our solution, you’ll gain efficiency in managing material flows and ensure that your company’s balance sheet is always used to maximum effect.

Managing all your operations in one system brings efficiency to the whole process, eliminating errors caused by manual steps and the need to operate with multiple systems or Excel spreadsheets.

The system is ideal for you if you need a systematic approach to running your business, whether you are dealing with multi-channel sales of products or services and/or simple assembly. With efficient inventory management, you minimise the cost of managing your company’s supply chain.

Built on Odoo’s open-source technology

Watch the video to learn more about the Odoo ERP system and its comprehensive inventory management functionality.

Real-time visibility into your company’s inventory and financial management

Manage your sales, stock and material flows with a user-friendly system with realtime access to your financial management.

Avoin.ERP Ready runs your business’ critical processes effortlessly. Sales and purchase invoices, customers and products flow automatically from one system to another. This means that orders and deliveries are not person-dependent, but information is available to everyone in one system.

Comprehensive tools for inventory management

  • Date tracking
    The system can store information about product expiry dates, enabling automatic notifications for products reaching expiry according to the specified criteria.
  • Shelf locations
    Shelf location data enhances product picking efficiency. The system automatically indicates where products are located on shelves, and the picking list can be sorted automatically based on shelf locations.
  • Seamless tracking
    Inventory management operates on a double-entry system, ensuring accurate tracking of goods movement and enabling seamless monitoring of serial or batch numbers.
  • Up-to-date product register
    Your daily work is made much easier by automatically receiving the correct product and customer information for your offer, batch or serial number tracking where necessary, and an up-to-date stock status.
  • Real-time information and stock valuation
    An easy-to-use reporting tool allows you to make data-driven decisions. Real-time inventory valuation allows you to monitor your company’s current balance sheet and performance.
  • Improved customer experience
    See the available balance and forecasted arrival date directly from the sales order, making the quotation process seamless. Your customers get real-time visibility of orders, deliveries and invoices.

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Setera Communications

“The cooperation with Avoin.Systems has been very good, they have been very interested in our business and offered solutions on how we could develop it with Odoo ERP.”

Marko Lahnala, ERP Manager

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Pelago Bicycles

“With Avoin.Systems we have found a common thread from the beginning. It seems that exactly what you want from such an important system supplier is that communication is fast and clear.”

Jari Säntti, Sales Director


“In the website redesign, what was important to us was timing, clear roles, good communication and the courage to speak genuinely and fairly. The bottom line: it went really well from start to finish!”

Kirsi Suominen, Communications Specialist

A complete inventory management solution

In addition to warehouse functions, Odoo’s inventory management solution includes tools for managing purchases and sales. With Odoo’s comprehensive purchase-stock-sale solution, you get the maximum benefit from inventory management. Managing all functions in one system allows you to automate manual operations and brings efficiency to the whole process.

With Odoo’s double-entry inventory accounting, you can be sure of the flow of goods, and you can benefit from seamless tracking of serial or batch numbers. Purchases, on the other hand, can be automated based on alert limits or other rules.

In addition, Odoo offers extensive reports on both purchases and stock. You can choose the reports you are interested in and track them. The customizable reporting dashboard allows you to develop your operations from a strategic perspective.

With Odoo’s inventory management, you can also implement complex inventory planning. The systems allows you to create multiple warehouses, storage locations, shelves, activities and routes in Odoo. It’s possible to build complex routes and apply them to warehouses, products, product categories and sales lines. For example, you can have multi-step warehouse deliveries (e.g. picking, packing, shipping), or even chains of multiple warehouses.

Inventory management includes the following features

  • Batch, lot number and date tracking
  • Quotation requests
  • Drop Shipping
  • Purchase orders
  • Supplier-specific product codes
  • Automatic purchase recommendations
  • Multiple warehouses, storage locations, shelf locations
  • Multi-stage receiving and shipping
  • Support for barcode scanner
  • Mobile interface
  • Inventory Audit

What should you consider when purchasing an inventory management system?

Changing your inventory system is a big decision and there are many options. To save you time when comparing options, we recommend booking a meeting with us to map out your business needs.

Simplified description of the inventory management process

Transfers can originate from various sources, including sales deliveries, purchase receipts, internal transfers within the company, as well as components consumed and products generated during manufacturing.

When a sales quotation is accepted and converted into a sales order, and it involves products that are stocked, Odoo first looks at potential stock routes. Stock routes serve as a guide on how goods should be delivered to the customer.

A common option for products is “make to order” (MTO). Make to order operates such that when a sales order is accepted, it automatically generates a purchase recommendation for the product tied to the sales order. This is typically used for products that are only purchased against sales orders and are not otherwise stocked.

For products that are typically stocked, ready-made routes Buy or Manufacture are usually used, depending on the type of product. Drop shipping is also possible in Odoo.

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