Open and welcoming atmosphere from the beginning

Employee story

Read about Avoin.Culture from our employees. In this first employee story, discover our Sales Manager Juuso’s insights into working at Avoin.Systems.

Hi! My name is… What? My name is… Who? My name is… Not Slim Shady but Juuso! I joined the Avoin.Systems crew as a Sales Manager back in November. My main gig is solution sales, but our team blends sales, marketing, and even product development. So, I get to lend a hand wherever needed. It’s fantastic – we all chip in and don’t get stuck in our own little corners. Our open environment even lets me unleash my inner creative goofball from time to time.

Open vibes and welcoming culture

The best part of working here? Fitting right in with my team and the whole company. From the very first meeting, I knew this was my kind of crowd. And on day one, everyone made me feel super welcome.

The name Avoin (Open), totally fits our vibe. Openness has been a big deal here since the interview stage. Plus, they clearly hire awesome people, which makes working here a blast.

Of course, being open in communication also meant knowing what to expect. The goals here are ambitious, that much was clear before I even started. We’re constantly pushing to the next level. It’s exciting, but also keeps things interesting. Plus, nothing’s set in stone – we’re building our sales game plan and company processes as we go.

If sales was easy, everyone would be doing it!

But even with the high bar, the leadership is on point. They trust you, give you responsibility, and have your back. And it’s not by winning at all costs; we do things the right way and stick to our values. Sure, there’s always a bit of “what if?” in the back of your mind, that’s just part of the game. But hey, if sales were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Speaking of doing things right, openness is key in our sales approach too. I don’t have to B.S. customers or pressure them with empty promises. I focus on the value we bring, and only commit to what we can deliver. It’s all about building long-term partnerships. And in that process the sales are only a small ratchet in our whole process.

And you know, you reap what you sow. So the sales are only a ratchet in the process, and I only plant the seeds of a great partnership, and we make it flourish together.


Juuso Jääskeläinen, Sales Manager

Energinen ratkaisumyyjämme Juuso omaa pitkän kokemuksen palvelu- sekä kaupanalalta. Esiintymistaito on (yksi) Juuson supervoimista, joka näkyy erityisesti hänen intohimossaan myyntityötä ja asiakaspalvelua kohtaan.