Avoin.Culture – discover the foundations of our company culture

Culture – that mystical word that cannot be defined unambiguously… Company culture isn’t just about rules or posters on the walls. It’s more about the vibe that runs through a place, affecting how people work and feel. It’s what makes the workplace special.

So, we took on the challenge and attempted to articulate what makes us unique and what are the most essential aspects of our culture.

Luckily, we have our people – this time Tiina, Slava, Venla, Johanna, Pekka, and Santeri summarized on the video what we are made of. In this blog, we’ll dive into what our culture is all about. Welcome to journey through Avoin.Culture!

Solving complex tasks and bringing customers value

Our day-to-day work involves building complex systems for our customers and that’s a big aspect of our culture. Our people enjoy solving complex tasks and finding solutions that bring customers a lot of value.

Our interesting customer cases involve a variety of problems that our experts get to solve – each customer is different and that is what makes it so interesting and rewarding. Whether you are a project manager, developer, DevOps engineer or marketing professional, there’s always something new to learn and a team of people to help you.

“I think the most rewarding thing about my work is the variety of work – the variety of problems that you get to solve. It’s not the same monotone stuff all the time.” – Santeri Valjakka, Tech Lead

When we say our culture is challenging it means to us that we challenge our customers, our colleagues and ourselves in a good way. How could our customers streamline their operations? How could we make our own processes more efficient? How could our team work better together? Or how could I develop in my role?

We want everyone to feel safe to challenge the way things are currently done, whether it’s our customers’ processes or ourselves. Change can be hard, but it’s something we can’t avoid. What’s important is that when we question something, the changes we make help us or our customers in the long run. Usually, this means finding better ways to do things, letting go of old ways, and trying out new ones. We challenge each other to get better results.

We also challenge the ERP market, we want to get rid of the old perceptions that ERP systems are slow, stiff and not user friendly. ERP systems can be flexible, intuitive and cost effective – when done using modern open source tools and being open to change instead of trying to force the ERP to the old ways of working. And the other backbone in our offering is combining modern ERP with eCommerce and web services, so that all the business critical systems work seamlessly together.

Open and human-centric – our values describe our culture

Our values have emerged from our culture, and they paint a clear picture of who we are as a company. How did this happen? It all started with a company-wide workshop. During this event, our team members gathered in small groups to brainstorm what should matter most to our company. The values we have today are a combination of those collaborative discussions. They emerged from within our culture and reflect what our employees and we as a company truly value. 

As we say in our employer promise: at Avoin.Systems we are committed to creating an open, diverse and welcoming work environment where every employee can thrive both professionally and personally. We foster a culture where every individual feels equal, valued and supported. We believe that the best outcomes emerge through collaboration and encourage our employees to showcase their expertise and contribute to our company’s development.

We are all individuals but work together as a team

Our talented teams are the backbone of our success. We believe that when working together, we can achieve more than working alone. Teamwork isn’t just about sharing tasks within the team and getting them done; it’s about supporting each other, sharing ideas, and celebrating successes together.

“Teamwork is probably the best part about working at Avoin.Systems. I feel equal, I feel like I’m respected and appreciated and we have fun as a team.” – Tiina Kåla, Project Manager

It’s not always easy to work efficiently in a team and it requires work, but we want to foster a collaborative environment where we value each other’s contributions. It requires that we talk openly, listen to each other, and have a common goal that drives us forward.

And the best part of our culture and working at Avoin.Systems? 

Our people. We are a team of people who enjoy working together towards the same goal. Although we solve challenging and complex tasks and build business critical systems we never forget to cheer our colleagues, share a coffee or beer together and tell a bad joke or two.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store: “When I was a little kid I was afraid of the dark, when I grew up I saw the electricity bill… and now I’m afraid of the light.”

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