Get an efficiency boost for your business

Optimize sales, inventory, and material flows effortlessly through an integrated system that synchronizes in real-time with your company’s financial management.

Do the following problems sound familiar?

  • You run your business on different softwares and Excel spreadsheets
  • Different functionalities are scattered across several different systems
  • Manual tasks and moving data from one place to another are time-consuming
  • Employees do not have consistent processes
  • Poor visibility of the different activities of the company
  • No reliable reports on activities
  • Communication between departments is slow, emails and phone calls get lost in the shuffle
  • Unpredictability and lagging reactions

Keep scrolling and find out how Odoo ERP + e‑conomic benefits your business and helps getting rid of current bottlenecks.

Sreamline your business with Odoo + e‑conomic

With Odoo’s powerful features designed for multichannel sales, we build, boost and scale your operations.

Smooth operations

Streamline your business flow – from the first contact to sales, delivery and invoicing.

Suits your needs

Odoo ist best suited for wholesale, retail, service companies and assembly production needs.

Helps you grow

Dig into your numbers and make better decisions with Odoo’s comprehensive and visual reports.

Explore the world’s most popular open-source ERP system

  • Web-based, easy and intuitive software
  • Suited for the needs of SME’s and designed to scale alongside your business
  • Open-source ERP platform trusted by over 12 million users worldwide
  • Experience true speed with reduced data entry, smart AI, and a fast UI – the system is faster than a blink
  • Fully integrated business apps

Get to know Odoo Apps


Manage new leads, streamline customer management processes and improve your business profitability with modern CRM tools.


Control all sales activities from quoting to invoicing. Automatically apply the correct pricing and taxes to every customer.


A flexible inventory management solution that allows you to create multiple warehouses, storage locations, shelves, functions and routes.


Streamline every RFQ and purchase order with automated reordering rules. Create custom rules and replenishment methods.

Accounting (e-conomic)

Finance integration allows sales and purchase invoices, customers and products to flow automatically from one system to another.


Design appealing product pages with open source eCommerce, one of the best in the market.


Organize tasks and stakeholders, get a full overview of your project, and boost team productivity.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Handle any transaction in your store ease and focus on what matters: the customers.

…and much more!

Book a meeting with us, and we’ll gladly reveal all the cool stuff Odoo has to offer.

Seamless connection to your financial management

Forget learning a new financial management system – Odoo integrates with your existing system.

We have integration with e‑conomic and Procountor systems.

With seamless financial management integration, sales and purchase invoices, customers and products flow automatically from one system to another.

It’s as easy as using just a one system!

Odoo success stories from the Nordics


“Odoo offers many useful functionalities, and I often use it to help with decision-making. Achieving this scale wouldn’t have been possible without such a system.”

Jari Säntti, Pelago Bicycles


“The deployment went smoothly and swiftly. It helps us save 10-15 work hours per week. I highly recommend it!”

Uki Heng, mCare


“One of the greatest advantages of Odoo is its flexibility for continuous improvement and expansion. With it, we have the capacity to scale our ERP alongside our company’s growth.”

Milla Jokinen, Pure Waste Textiles

What should you consider when buying an ERP?

Changing systems is a big decision and there are many options.

To save you time when comparing options, book a 30-minute meeting with us where we help to find out your business needs.

After the meeting, you’re guaranteed to have a clearer idea of how to proceed with your ERP project.

Choose Odoo for your business

Odoo is an exceptionally user-friendly ERP system which operates entirely in the browser. From the first glance, Odoo provides a delightful user experience, setting it apart from other competing ERP systems.

With an interface that is highly user-friendly and intuitive, Odoo’s modules are designed to operate with consistent logic throughout the entire system. Learning to use one Odoo module easily translates to mastering other functions as well.

With Odoo, navigating complex business processes becomes simpler, enabling your organization to maximize productivity and achieve greater success.

Odoo’s comprehensive reporting tools that leverage real-time data provide valuable insights for driving business growth from a strategic standpoint.

By harnessing the power of up-to-the-minute information, organizations can make informed decisions, identify trends, and capitalize on opportunities, ultimately enhancing overall performance and competitiveness.

Odoo is an extremely versatile system that can be expanded and customized according to your company’s needs.

Its modularity enables a phased implementation, reducing both risk and costs by staggering the introduction of applications.

With Odoo ERP, new functionalities can always be added later without significant additional expenses.

An open-source system provides support, vendor independence, and a large developer community. Behind Odoo is a community of 100k+ developers collaborating worldwide.

Odoo’s continuous development ensures that the system can meet the changing demands of business in the future.

Avoin.Systems – get to know us!

  • The oldest Odoo development house in Finland and an official Odoo Partner with 10+ years of experience.
  • Specializes in implementing integrated Odoo solutions in the Nordics. Based in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Avoin is a Finnish word that means Open – and that’s the backbone of our collaboration with our customers. We communicate openly with our clients, always striving to find the best possible solution from the customer’s perspective.
  • Systems built with the world’s most popular, user-friendly and cost-effective open source technologies – Odoo and WordPress.
  • High quality standards for code and excellent customer support services, infra & data are located in EU.