Hi there!

We are Avoin.Systems, familiriaze yourself with our team and read more about what kind of company we are.


We are an IT company specialized in open source Web Services and ERP Systems.

Interactive web services

  • Websites and communication
  • eCommerce
  • Integrations
  • UX and Graphic design

Business Apps & ERP

  • CRM, sales and marketing
  • Warehouse mngt and logistics
  • Digital financial management, accounting and invoicing

We help our customers to grow, develop and be more cost effective, with higher data availability, process development and by adapting new tools.

Our solutions are based on Odoo business apps and our own custom-made apps. Our company, Avoin.Systems, consists of passionate software and business development enthusiasts who help SME’s overcome challenges in resource management, operations and communications.

Avoin.Systems – high quality work from Finland!