Technical and functional support

ERP as the company’s most important digital system requires high-quality support, which proactively spots and fixes any issues that might arise. This support also includes regular, daily backups, which ensures that even serious issues do not cause a loss of data.

Users also need support to work efficiently. Our support is able to provide support in all cases, providing the best and most efficient way to reach the desired goal. If you have a support contract with Avoin.Systems, you may leave a ticket here.

Odoo manual

Before sending a ticket, we recommend looking at our manual (only in Finnish). You may also have a tailored manual provided to you at the start of the project. If you have lost that file, please send us a ticket, and we will be able to provide you with it.

Ticket form

If you have a support contract with Avoin.Systems, and you are designated as the main user, you may leave a ticket here. If you are not an Avoin.Systems customer, or you do not have a support contract with us, please contact our sales team. If you are not the designated main user, please contact the main user, who will escalate the issue with us if needed. We usually respond to tickets within the same day.

Please fill out the fields as accurately as possible, so that we can solve your issue promptly.